Thai massage

Gaining wide popularity today, Thai massage you can fully replace trips to the doctors. We came up with its more than two thousand years ago in ancient India, the birthplace of Buddha. And if there is in this world a more pleasant and affordable way to comprehend Zen and attain enlightenment  it's definitely the type of massage. Thai called because after India, it began to develop widely in Thailand, where widespread. Thai culture has enriched the massage, add a special spicy notes. As it has its own unique philosophy, a metaphysical meaning.

The main secret, which holds all Thai massages is the ability to establish mystical connection between the performer and massazhiruemym. It is achieved by a special organization of breath the masseuse and the client seemed to become one with shared lungs for two. It's like in the song Nautilus: "I never thought before that we have with you for two mere breath." Such art is only by good professionals. It is important to achieve a special harmony, unity of two opposing entities, interconnection and energy exchange of Yin and Yang. It brings harmony between man and nature, inspired by his strength. That is why the therapeutic effect is achieved, which gives the body Thai massage.The main feature of the Thai massage practice is to prepare the body to achieve harmony. As a result, it manages to achieve what the body is completely relaxed, tearing off the skin of fatigue and then it flows into a stream of new forces.

Not surprisingly, the Thai massage literally work wonders. They improve the circulatory and cardiovascular system, increase joint mobility and muscle tone. After the session, the person feels renewed, as though his shoulders flew a heavy oppressive weight. It literally inspires and encourages.Method Thai massage is not to affect muscle tissue and for energy centers. That is, instead of the physical body figuratively speaking, the astral body is massaged. Experienced masseuses know a lot of biologically active points, which can be influenced. As a result, not only the body but also the soul feel better. The philosophy of Thai massage is just and based on the fact that it is impossible to cure the body if the person has in the energy sector a failure. Therefore, the "rules" it was her. In this it is similar to shiatsu and reflexology.The advantage of Thai massage is not the point, namely comprehensive study of the whole organism. The impact is on the important points, responsible for the livelihood of various systems and organs. The main reception at the same time is pressing, while in the course are not only the fingers and hands, but also elbows, knees and other parts of the body.Salon "VIP massage" offers quality Thai massage in Kiev, after which you will feel like a new person. We have a professional masseuse, relaxing atmosphere and the best interiors in the city.