The uniqueness of erotic massage

At all times people are careful about their health, and a key role in maintaining the human body played a massage. One of the types of treatments is erotic massage It contributes to the development of sexuality, adds vitality throughout the body, enhances libido and gives sensuality.

In ancient eastern countries for the first time with this delightful art met priests. Since the eastern rituals and traditions body massage quite old, they are much older than the European standards, it indicates that the culture and religion of the ancient East began to develop intensively. Eastern School of erotic massage is dominant in our time.

Making love, from the standpoint of Eastern wisdom, it is considered not only a peak of pleasure - getting an orgasm, but also famous for its excellent healing effects. The primary source of the Eastern erotic massage performed Tantra, Tao of Love, Yoga and the Kama Sutra. Most of the elements of body massage is taken with these Eastern techniques.

Nowadays, people, analyzing gain experience and skills, have become popular open massage school. Today, the world famous was the Eastern erotic massage, Thai massage, in other words, who liked the numerous tourists.

Erotic massage - specially selected refined intimate services. It is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and unsurpassed guide to unexplored feelings.

Body massage is the hallmark in Kiev Erotic massage salon "VIP Massage." From professional quality performance of this kind of pleasure really enjoyed all visitors to the salon, and men and women. Body massage in Kiev Erotic massage salon "VIP Massage" at the present stage is appreciated not only the conduct of this sacrament in the home atmosphere and in equipped with the latest technology interior - for absolute relaxation and unforgettable positive emotions from the experienced hands of great masters .

Erotic massage man, of course, carries masseuses. If necessary, you can use two masters attention as a full body massage event quite energy-intensive, requiring considerable physical effort.

In addition to the physiological aspect, providing for the participation of persons of the opposite sex, is of fundamental importance and this fact: body massage - it's like a light fluttering of a moth on the upper surface of the skin and delightful charming fingers masseuse is the best suited for this procedure.

Erotic massage is one of the most relaxing and healing massages. And, of course, it has its own, filled with a deep sense of tradition associated with its implementation.
Salon "VIP Massage" decided long intrigued her guest and reveal all the secrets of this mysterious ritual.

So naked man laid on his stomach on their own or with the help of a naked or half-naked masseuses, beauty that can only be compared with the delightful models of glossy magazines. Alluring, caressing touch emanating from the tips of fingers or toes become tantalizing prelude rising ecstasy. And most importantly, that the visitor does not see a naked, but only mentally envisions body masseuse-temptress why passions and excitation peak increase.

After reaching the desired sexual condition, beautiful temptress allows its counterpart roll over on his back. Then erotic massage salon on the principle of "vip massage" uses a number of techniques in combination with the air passes, a variety of vibration gentle pressing alternately alternating with strokes. Special piquancy procedure give fleeting contact body - chest, face and thigh masters "accidentally" pressed to the most erogenous zones of men. With the subsequent increase of the rate of massages charming fairy affects every segment of the overheated part of the body, and, of course, does not neglect the main body of male pride.

Feelings men simply indescribable: here and a powerful force field, and complete relaxation, and indescribable ecstasy, and a sense of mild euphoria, and even the ability to get as close to intimate body parts of his lady. The man who experienced an unforgettable and powerful orgasm, felt the sweet bliss, gentle tranquility, and a flurry of different emotions, I will never be able to forget their sophisticated fairy, and will return to it again and again in her passionate embrace.

Body massage for women in the best salon in Kiev "VIP Massage" is performed as members of the fairer sex, and has a very vivid emotional coloring. This leads to ask the question: whether a woman to hear another? This occurs if the masseuses has the skills and experience not only in the carrying out of massage, but also has the psychological intricacies of the female body, then the session is transformed into the divine ritual - a combination of excitement and enchanting exquisite relaxation.

As is the case with a man, a woman's body is also subjected to thorough heating in the back and fingertips. However, before the goddess of massage in this case is a woman, and hence the reaction to rubbing, stroking and teasing in the pulsating vibration will be sparkling and enchanting compared to the feelings of men. Female body consists of almost the entire continuum of erogenous zones. Best match areas - is the thigh, calf, neck, buttocks and fingertips, as well as the region of the spine. When the excitement massazhiruemoy lady reaches its climax, the considerate sorceress helps guests to roll over on his back. Then there is something intimate and charming, juicy ...

Erotic massage salon in the "VIP Massage" - a unique masterpiece, a true lady who each have to feel on his own body.