At what age can I visit your salon?

- Our erotic massage salon with pleasure will open doors to everyone who 18 years old

What should I do with underwear during the massage take it off or not?

- Take off. Erotic massage is a process of active influence masseuse her naked body on your body. And since no one centimeter of your body will not escape her attention, the underwear is not quite appropriate.

Since what time session is beginning?

- The time starts when you choose a girl and going to massage room

How I can choose a girl?

- You can choose a girl like photo online and coming directly towards us in the salon and choose personally.

I was really worried and confused that I did not keep, and would ask more than just massage.

-Your feelings is in vain! Our girls are very well educated, and they will do everything to make you leave with a slight sense of satisfaction and euphoria. After all, the ultimate goal of erotic massage is just total relaxation, the amount of which depends only on you. Well, our girls will do their best to you. But of course, the administration is counting on appropriate behavior on your part and hope that you will become a regular customer.

Can I have erotic massage session at home or another place?

- Our beautiful girls are willing to come to your home or any other place designated by you. To do this, simply call us.

For me is very important confidentiality visiting your salon

- We are all understand. Privacy is receiving increased attention, this is one of the main requirements of visitors. All stay in the cabin occurs as gently as possible, you do not even meet with any other visitor and anyone else from the staff, which has no relation to you.

Is there at least a minimum probability of being exposed to skin or venereal diseases during erotic massage?

- This probability is practically non-existent. We did not intimate salon. In addition, all rooms enhanced with maintaining cleanliness, bed linen is constantly updated before each session of all guests and the girls certainly are water treatments. In addition, except for a thorough personal care of their health, our girls regularly attend medical check-ups, without passing that they simply can not be allowed to work.

What is the maximum number of complete relaxation I get during a session of erotic massage?

- It all depends solely on you, every body is different in its own way. No fee for subsequent relaxation does not exist.

Fair to say that sex and erotic massage is almost the same?

- Absolutely unfair. This is a completely different phenomenon. Just another lot of people due to mistaken perceptions, associate erotic massage as a compulsory element of sexual pleasures. We strongly recommend that you visit our salon erotic massage, and our charming girls will prove to you that massage can be even better than sex.

Is there a possibility of extending the session time?

You can extend any chosen procedure almost anytime.

Can you explain more specifically: what is erotic massage and what are its characteristics?

This unique procedure, which includes elements of the overall wellness massage with eroticism. First, the masseuse will warm up your muscles by using techniques of classical massage and then slowly starts to erotic part. Brushing your special oil, the girl begins to actively massage all your body's own naked body, and very carefully and skillfully, so you are sure to "walk" to the highest point of pleasure, and perhaps more than once.

If the administration does not approve sex. Can I individually negotiate with the girl?

SEX IS PROHIBITED. We are a salon of erotic massage, sex we have is strictly forbidden, even "just a little bit."

Interested schedule your salon

- Our salon for maximum convenience of visitors, open around the clock. But for optimum service, we recommend you call us before to visit us. Also, applications are accepted round the clock to leave masseuses at the customer premises, advice, etc./p>

Tell us more about erotic massage for couple

This is one of the programs, when the massage is done in the same time for two person. Usually do two girls massage, but you may well ask to do massage man and woman. Strengthens the feeling utihshie awakens passion, opens up completely unexplored pockets of bright erotic sensations ..