Price 2 hands
Price 4 hands
Erotic Body Massage
30 min
700 uah
1000 uah
Ancient art when massage is perfomed not only by hands and by naked body of masseuses. She is tender touches you by breast, buttocks and other parts of her body. In addition to health and reassuring effect, the girl also bring you to complete relaxation. Erotic massage is effective in awakening and harnessing the sexual potential, improves sexual function, develops sensitivity
75 min
1 300 uah
An unforgettable massage, which includes a set of classic and erotic programs. Perfomed for you nice young man with strong but gentle hands.
75 min
2 000 uah
Two charming girls pleasuring you by their hands and the whole body for couples.The session includes 30 minutes classic and 30 minutes of erotic massage. Today, this session is becoming very popular.
45 min
1000 uah
Massage in a Jacuzzi with the ability to touch the all girl's body
60 min
1500 uah
3000 uah
Do you want to try an erotic massage without leaving home, then this service is for you. You can use the erotic massage at home at any time of the day.
Complete Massage #1
75 min
900 uah
body massage + classic massage
Complete Massage #2
75 min
1 200 uah
Body massage with the ability to touch the girl
Complete Massage #3
75 min
1 200 uah
Body massage with the ability to touch & shower with a girl before or after a massage
VIP for Male
120 min
2 500 uah
A complete set of the men: shower cocktail with a girl, striptease, classic massage, erotic massage, kissing and fondling, champagne and chocolates. Enjoy your rest!



German Guy | 19.06.2018

I visited Lana beginning of June, she is fantastic and really knows how to give a great massage. Sorry Lana for the late message.

Bazill | 16.06.2017

Good place. Nice and beautiful girls. Best day in Kiev

Roman | 08.04.2017

Great hospitality, polite girls and nice atmosphere. Asia is nice and does her job well.
Highly recommended

mike | 26.03.2015

Thanks for your club. everything was just fine. new interior just wonderful. nice, cozy, relax

Erotic massage

The best way to restore physical strength and get emotional lift it is visit the salon of erotic massage.

Feel tired? Workweek has left a strong imprint on your mind and well-being? Fatigue and irritation causes work, home, an infinite number of cars and people? Become boring even incredibly delicious food from the chef of your favorite restaurant?

Body and soul just want something new, real, so that the emotion and the body can lose accumulated during all this time the load. You just want to relax, just live and feel happy self-sufficient person.

And in fact, if you read this, it means that you have already half way to nirvana and be able to take your own piece of happiness very soon.

 As we know all ingenious is simple, you need a massage! Just trust us and you will have to choose an individual program that will show even the most secret desires.

Erotic massage

As well known erotic massage to interact with all areas of the human body by systematic sharpened movements that promotes relaxation, rest, the whole fountain of good feeling and most importantly, the rejuvenation of the whole organism. Our masseuses will have due regard to each millimeter of your body, every muscle and every bunch. These charming nymphs pass from the tips of your toes to the head. In addition, our girls look like models on the covers of fashion magazines. Plunged once in this ocean of feelings you want to be given into their hands again and again. Because erotic massage salon it is a temple where your secret to keep and allow her to stay away from prying eyes.

In addition, our ladies are not just a girl model looks, they also are true masters of their craft and body. After all, erotic massage - an ancient art, which includes a whole range of movements, from the deep massage of the muscles and tendons, tantric, classic, body massage, aromatherapy, elements of manual therapy and ending energy impact.

The feeling of such a procedure as beach football on Mars it is from the category of hard to describe by words. You must feel it! The ancient art of embodying the knowledge not only about how to establish health and overall health, but also to conduct a full-fledged disease prevention, no worse than a morning jog through the park. The effect can not be compared with anything!


Our salon erotic massage

Understands that the whole process is fraught with some mystery, so create a special atmosphere saturated with intimacy. The entire interior will contribute to your relaxation, and attributes such as whirlpool baths and massage tables, chairs will make the process just divine. Moreover, we should not forget that the erotic massage includes a plurality of elements and is impossible without special ointments, creams, gels, medical facilities, a variety of oils. In addition, the connected and your olfactory receptors, because the action of the elements present and aromatherapy.

For you, the time spent in our salon, will be one of those moments which you will remember with a smile, one of those moments that make life worth living.

Come yourself, with friends or your sexual partner. Indeed, over time, a sense of cool, and this procedure will help ignite the spark between you to new heights. It is in the subconscious, when a man sees that his girl touch another young and sexy babe, you can not help feeling there is some jealousy. Partners are aware that the process does not carry anything illegal, but there is some new aura and  you have a new look at an object sighs.

That is why in our salon a lot of attention is paid to such a program, as an erotic massage for couples. It really is an amazing procedure recently in high demand and attention. Joint visit to a session of erotic massage, unexpectedly opens up new ways of mutual feelings, often partners are surprised to learn new and new erogenous zones on the body of the partner, which it seemed that there was nothing new to learn is impossible.

Joint visit of erotic massage parlors rather popular activity called only in young modern couples, but also couples with the experience. And if young couples do so mainly by blood and seething passion, then pair with experience using massage for couples (and not without success!) To enhance relations, which are slightly dulled with time.


Erotic massage for men

Needs as well as cosmetics for women, well, where do you look for another procedure, which in addition to the divine pleasure also brings a lot of positive effects for the whole organism? For any men like erotic-health treatments are essential. It increases self-esteem, emotional balance stabilizes, improves physical health.

We will be glad to see you at any time of day or night, for interior work around the clock without breaks and weekends.


Erotic massage Kiev

This is a very popular request, which is used in the capital and its guests, because the reputation of our employees speaks for itself, 9 out of 10 customers come back again for a fresh portion of emotion. You've probably heard about the Thai erotic massage, so now timeto try it! After all, it helps to keep the body in good shape. And, practically there are no analogues effect of this procedure for your body.

If someone thought that our girls provide services of an intimate nature, he is seriously mistaken, in a decent salon is totally unacceptable. It's not just a girl in the street with elegant shape, they are masters of their craft, capable of their touches to immerse the customer in a voluptuous ecstasy. It's a whole new range of sensations, which can only be understood if it is to feel.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure, do what you want, and you will be much happier, add the same bright colors into your life!